Thursday, May 31, 2012

20 for $20 or less: Windicator

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               2- Nitrile Gloves
               3- Mineral Mizer
               4- Little Hotties
               5- Sawyer Insect Repellent
               6- Lifestraw
               7- Monopod
               8- Paracord Turkey Tote
               9- Yaktrax
             10- Boonie Hat
             11- LightLoad Towels
             12- Phone Apps
             13- Silent Retriever
             14- Mity Might Rod and Reel
             15- NiteIze BrimLit
             16- Eat'n Tool
             17- Gear Ties
             18- Log Book


You head to the tree stand.  The wind is blowing ever so slightly.  Is this a good spot?  Will the monster whitetail catch my scent?  This is where the windicator comes in.  It is kind of like baby powder in a squeeze bottle.  Only it is not.  Well, it is not baby powder.  The fine powder mist is unscented so as not to scare off any targeted game quicker than what your own scent would do, but allows you to see the true direction of the wind so you can prepare your hunt properly.

Hunter's Specialties Windicator - $3.99

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