Saturday, May 12, 2012

20 for $20 or less: NAP Quikfletch

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Bowhunter's Special Item
NAP QuikFletch
Buy the NAP Quikfletch
Slide it over the bare arrow shaft
Place in HOT water for
10 seconds
One question I am often asked regarding archery products is “have you ever tried the QuikFletch?”  Yes I have.  The answer is usually followed up with another question, “does it work ok?”  Yes it does.  The concept is simple enough.  It works like a heat shrink for electrical wiring repairs.  You slide the QuikFletch sheath over the arrow, but instead of heating it up with a flame, you dip it in hot water.  It quickly draws tight to the arrow and remains secure.  Another great part is the fletching is already spaced at the proper distances from each other negating the gluing and need for a fletching jig.  Here is the reason I have it on the list though.  They are perfect for those special back country hunts.  Picture this: you are on the hunt of a lifetime, you get a little nervous as the big bull makes his way into the lane, and he turns and lets out a tremendous bugle as you get ready to rip the arrow.  You miss.  You still have several days left on the hunt but now one of your arrows has lost one of its fletching as it tore across the root system of the native vegetation.  Simple enough.  You pull the other two vanes off the arrow, grab a NO weight QuikFletch sheath and slide it over the arrow.  You heat up some water on the open fire, dip the fletching, and now you have all of your arrows ready to miss the big bull elk again.  Ok, we’ll change that.  You get the trophy this time.

Let dry

Fletching placement cannot be better

Neither can the arrows
placement from 30 yards

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