Wednesday, May 16, 2012

20 for $20 or less: Paracord Turkey Tote

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Turkey Tote
All outdoorsman and hunters know and acknowledge the usefulness of paracord items.  Whether it is fashioned into a survival bracelet, wrist sling, necklace, eyeglass strap, or lanyard, there are individuals everywhere selling them.  Colors are abundant, making them customizable, and the knots/tying patterns are as endless as the items that can be fashioned from the paracord.  My mother used to macramé many of the tying patterns, except she did it to make plant hangers rather than bracelets.  I chose the turkey tote because I love the handle and the slip on the loop string.  Obviously it works great for carrying a hefty tom over your shoulder, but it works for other small game, small twigs and sticks, basically anything that you can put a loop around and sling around.  And of course, the paracord can be used for a variety of survival necessities as well.  Just a quick Google on paracord uses brings up everything from making fishing line and fish stringers, to arm slings and tourniquets, to shoe laces, belt, or suspenders, to a bow drill for fire starting.
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