About Bill Howard


Bill's father and grandfather taught him how to hunt and fish, and how to do it right.  From the age of three, Bill had a fishing pole or a bb gun in his hands, until he was able to handle the bigger toys.  Bill took up bowhunting in 2004, and you will never catch him without his bow.

Bill Howard hunting mountain lion in Arizona on horseback.

He is an instructor for the hunter education (IHEA) and bowhunter education (IBEP) programs in North Carolina.  Bill is a lifetime member of the North Carolina Bowhunter's Association (NCBA), District 3 Wildlife Representative for the NCBA, and associate member of Pope and Young.  He is also an official measurer for both the NCBA and Pope and Young.

Bill shows a passion for the outdoors and hunting, particularly bowhunting, and teaching others, whether they are youth or adults new to hunting and fishing.  He hopes to share that passion in his stories each week, and convey the emotions and experiences shared between family and friends who witness the outdoors together.

Bill writes a weekly outdoors column for 11 North Carolina newspapers ranging from the mountains to the coast as well as a monthly paddling column for North Carolina Sportsman Magazine.

Bill has held North Carolina state bowhunting/bowfishing records of 5 different species at one time or another.  He was named 2012 North Carolina Bowhunter of the Year in March 2013. 

Bill can be contacted at billhowardoutdoors@gmail.com


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  3. Bill i really enjoyed your story about the Buffalo hunt. Good luck on the contest. I see the pic of your dogs at the top of your blog They look like griffs but have the color of drathars. I run Griffs my self i love them to death. Anyway looks like you have a real sucsessful blog going on here would like to talk hunting and blogging with you sometime.

    Rory @ R-Dub Outdoors

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  9. Nice site Bill, I look forward to reading more of your reviews this year.


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  13. Hi Bill,

    I found your blog about a month ago and I love all of your personal stories that you have shared. I don't see any more post pasted 2017. Are you planning to make more posts?