Wednesday, May 9, 2012

20 for $20 or less: Mineral Mizer

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Mineral Mizer

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Mineral Mizer bag (circled in white) attracts multiple
bucks 6 months after hanging.
This is generally a hunting column, so I have to include something for hunting enthusiasts.  Imagine a mineral block that lasts for an entire year.  Impressive huh?  Well Mineral Mizer has a product that does just that.  Basically it consists of a bag made of monofilament line which holds a sand like material.  There are multiple minerals which are added simply by pouring on top in the bag.  As it rains, the mineral is filtered through the bag and drips on the ground below.  Ingenious!  The different blends attract deer, bear, and feral hogs.  Hang it from a tree, and lock your trophies on your land early!

Mineral Mizer - Mineral Mizer Bag $12.99  Mineral Mizer Minerals $12.99

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