Thursday, May 24, 2012

20 for $20 or less: Mity Might Rod and Reel

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Mity Might Rod and Reel

Picture this. You are hiking in the mountains. Beautiful water falls surround you.  Below the cascade is a crystal clear pool of water with some of the largest trout you have ever seen. But you are hiking. Nothing you can do right? Wrong.  The Mighty Mite Rod and Reel is super small; small enough to fit in a backpack even.  And when you get that fish on the line, well, you are in for a thrill!  There are websites devoted to the largest catches with these inexpensive angling miniatures, and you need to see some of the trophies.  It works from the mountains to the lakes to the coast.  It can be used as a survival tool because of its size as well.  So when you plan that backcountry hunt for elk this fall, bring one of these along and maybe you can have fish one evening instead of hauling in extra food.

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