Monday, May 7, 2012

20 for $20 or less: Fox 40 Whistle

Every outdoorsman has some items they need.  We all have our favorites.  Some are needed just because they are neat, some because they are useful, and some for emergency situations.  But the fact is, there are many things we should keep and carry with us into the field that we do not have.

Over the rest of the month of May, I am going to highlight one item each day that needs to be in our bag of tricks.  This is not a review, but more of a explanation as to why you would need it.  The best part about all of the things highlighted is they can each be purchased for under $20.

This series will hit a large market, as it will be featured each Friday for the next 4 weeks in America's State Parks website, Wilson Times, and Yancey County News with five items highlighted in each column.  It will also run in Bow Adventures magazine.  Because of the story in Bow Adventures, this blog will offer an extra 4 items.

The format will run with 1 items highlighted each weekday and the extra 'bowhunter' item reviewed on Saturday.  Sunday is a day of rest...Sorry!

So, without further fanfare, the first item is:

Fox 40 Whistle

Sports referees swear by these things.  They are pealess whistles that blast through the loudest and craziest crowd noises.  That is what makes them great for hunters and outdoorsmen.  Since they are pealess, you do not have to worry about them freezing up.  The decibel level is in the 115 range.  This is equivalent to a chainsaw or power mower at a distance of 3 feet.  Further comparison shows hearing damage can occur at 120 db.  In other words, it is LOUD!  They come in a variety of colors as well, including hunter/fluorescent orange.  When in trouble, 3 blows will do the trick.  Lightweight and small in size, it is a winner for the backpack.

FOX40 WHISTLE – FOX40 $8.49

Want one for free?  Leave a comment below!

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  1. A whistle is one item I always carry with me! Great way to spread the word on safety, Bill.

  2. Whistle is already part of the SOS equipments. And it's great for safe adventure. :)
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