Friday, May 18, 2012

20 for $20 or less: Boonie Hat

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Boonie Hat
Everybody needs a boonie hat.  These things are versatile, and with my personal tastes in hats, I just think they look good!  Used by the military since the Viet Nam war, they are prized for their multiple uses.  A boonie can be used as a pre-filter for water, a bucket, the top of a tee pee style shelter so shed rain, a stove mitten, and yes, of course a hat.  The band around the boonie is convenient to place leaves and other foliage to break the outline and provide additional camouflage, or it can be used to hold things such as shotgun shells and fishing lures.  The wide brim all around the had also provides extra protection from the sun for more than just the top of the head, such as ears and back of the neck that a baseball style cap will not.
BOONIE HAT - $9.99-$19.99
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  1. Man, what a great idea for a series of posts! Good for you! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Thanks! 10 more to go! Good thing I planned this WAY in advance.... :)

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