Thursday, May 10, 2012

20 for $20 or less: Little Hotties

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Little Hotties

Remember with the nitrile gloves it was mentioned we would handle how to keep yourself warm later?  It is later.  Little Hotties does the trick.  You simply open the package, shake it up, and then put it where it is cold.  It will remain hot for up to 8 hours.  These are great for those cold morning sitting in the stand, resting on your haunches on an aluminum seat in the wet waiting for ducks to fly by, hiking in the mountainous altitudes, or even partying before the big football game in the parking lot.  Little Hotties comes in a variety of packs such as hand warmers, foot warmers, toe warmers and even body warmers.  Or go for ‘the Overnighter’ package that includes two body warmers, two pairs of toe warmers and two pairs of hand warmers.
Little Hotties: The Overnighter $7.00

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