Friday, June 1, 2012

20 for $20 or less: Tick Key

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Tick Key

The tick key is a great little gadget for those who hand out in the woods.  We already discussed how much of a pain ticks are a few weeks ago when introducing Sawyer's  Insect Repellant.  So you forgot to spray down your clothes and you find a tick already embedded.  Not good!  Tweezers may cause a couple of issues such as pulling the body of the tick off but not getting the head, or even squeezing the tick til it regurgitates, which can pass the nasty stuff to you.  The tick key simply slides over the top of the tick then is slid toward the head.  The ever narrowing open pulls the evil critter right from your skin.  Lightweight and small, it is easy enough to attach to your bag or backpack.

Tick Key - $4.95

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