Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why Bill Howard's Outdoors?

I had never thought of doing a blog.  I had read some in the past, but I was not subscribed to any, and usually when I read one it was based on a google search.  Back in 2010, I was working my full time profession-service manager at an automobile dealership.  If you remember, this was during the General Motors and Chrysler woes.  Our dealership was hit hard with the loss of two brands, leaving us with only one line of vehicles.  With the loss of income, I began selling life insurance on the side, and trained to become a basketball referee.  I also spotted an advertisement for a outdoors columnist for an upstart newspaper.

After speaking with the owner/editor/publisher, I sent in a sample which would become my first column, Why Hunt?  It remains one of my favorite pieces.  You can read it HERE.  Well, evidently it was good enough to land the position.  I was not contractually obligated to just that newspaper, so I contacted a few others as well.  Just like that, I was writing for two newspapers each week.  The first column would run January 13, 2011.

Now, what is to come for the next year?  More stories, occasional news and opinion pieces, some guest blogs...and plenty of GEAR REVIEWS.  There will also be reviews on several guides and outfitters over the next year.  Here is a sample of some of the reviews coming this next week and in 2012:

Knives of Alaska Muskrat Skinner
Fieldline Glenwood Canyon Pack

Plano AW Double Gun Case

Barmah Australian Hats

Etymotic GunSport PRO Earplugs

Cheeriodicals Gifts

Bogs Footwear Copperhead Boots

Muzzy Gator Getter Kit with Strobe
LH Custom Archery Take Down Recurve
Cabela's RECON Hunt
Fourth Generation Outfitter
(Snow Goose)
Arizona Lion Hunt (Mountain Lion)
Conman's Guide Service
(Black Bear/Turkey/Tundra Swan)


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