Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Great Things Coming!

As we get closer to the one year Blogoversary on Monday, things just keep getting better!

First, Bill Howard's Outdoors broke the 10,000 mark for reads earlier.  I hope as this number continues to grow that you, the reader, is getting something from this, whether it is a bit of knowledge, a warm cozy feeling of nostalgia, an understanding, or maybe even a tear down the cheek every now and then.

Second, on the one year mark, I will be making a guest appearance on Coast2Coast Outdoors with RB Wright and Kerry Mackey.  I will post a link to the show on this blog afterwards.  The show appears LIVE at 9pm EST here:  Coast2Coast Outdoors. There will be a good message in my appearance, so I hope you all will be able to join or watch later in the week on the embedded video.

Emily Anderson and her
Kansas whitetail grace our
first cover.
Lastly, I am working on my newest endeavor, BowAmericaBowAmerica is an e-magazine featuring all things bowhunting!  We have lined up some great talent in our inaugaral issue set to launch in January.  The awesome thing here is subscriptions are FREE!  All you have to do is sign up via email and the magazine will come to your inbox each month with departments in TRADITIONAL, COMPOUND, BOWFISHING, DO-IT-YOURSELF, LIFE, WOMEN BOWHUNTERS, TARGET SHOOTING, HUNT RE-CAPS, GEAR REVIEWS, and much, much more!  If you bowhunt, there will be something each month in BowAmerica that you are interested in. 

Some of our contributors include Nick Viau (Life and Longbows), Al Quackenbush (SoCal Bowhunter), Will Jenkins (The Will to Hunt), Amanda MacDonald, (Bow Meets Girl), Mark Huelsing (Sole Adventure), Ryan Shoemaker (BowhuntQuest), Emily Anderson (Scent Free Lip Gloss) tips and stories from Lester Harper (LH Custom Archery), Tony Catalde (Bearded Boar), Timothy Borkett (Unlucky Hunter), Randy Mabe (Broadhead Kennels), Sonny Ithipathachai (NC Outdoor Adventures) and many many more!  Each of these are experts in their own rights, are parts of various prostaffs, have tremendous followings and even hold some bowhunting records.  We will also have guest stories from industry leaders in various segments of bowhunting and archery.

The best part of our magazine is it is not your typical magazine!  We are going to cover some of the usual stuff such as whitetail hunting, but we are also going to throw some stuff out there that is a little out of the norm.  How 'bout snow goose hunting with a bow?  Or how dogs can assist bowhunting?  Maybe even how to spot and stalk using a horse for cover.  We will have a directory for state wildlife agencies, taxidermists, and game processors for each state as well to help you no matter where you hunt.

So, if you love bowhunting, or just love hunting and the outdoors, this magazine will provide some good reads for you.  Just head over to BowAmerica and sign up there.  Again, its FREE!


  1. Congrats on the 10K views and the upcoming anniversary. Wishing you continued success in 2012. Great stuff.

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