Friday, September 20, 2013

Technology and Hunting

The applications mentioned in the story are all from my Android based phone, so screen shots may vary for iPhone.

Technology has taken over our lives. Did you know even your most basic of automobiles can have over thirty different computers running everything from the engine to windows to tire pressures? Hunting is no exception. Just a few months ago a rifle and scope was developed in which you ‘marked’ the target and then you could squeeze the trigger at any time afterwards. The firearm will not fire until the marked target is within the sights and a direct hit will result. I see this as a great military advantage but one of the people being interviewed during the testing remarked he was going to use it to keep the coyote population down to protect his livestock.
With the advent of the smart phone, many outdoorsmen are taking advantage of the applications available. Apps range from mapping programs to weather programs and even programs such as the Pocket Ranger apps by Parks by Nature in which hunting and fishing seasons, locations, and regulations can be found at the push of a button.
While researching and browsing some of the apps, many of which I have on my own phone, I found there are apps that can assist with just about every phase of the hunt.
Scoutlook Weather
GPS Hunt
First, when planning a hunting trip for the next weekend it is imperative to know the coming weather. While there are many weather related apps, one I found that is highly reliable is from Weather Underground. With forecasts as much as a week in advance including hour by hour and sunset and sunrise times, you’ll know if it is the right time to go or not.
Just before the hunt you can use Scoutlook Weather. This app shows the map of the area and if you have already marked your stand or blind locations it shows a scent cone for wind carried scent.  This is essential for getting in the best location so as not to spook the game.
After a successful shot hunters go through what is often called ‘the second hunt’ in which the game has to be tracked. An app like GPS Hunt works great as it allows you to mark blood trails in case you have a long trail or are in heavy cover.
Of course, everyone has to have their bragging rights once the game is located. Cameras on cell phones now rival the digital cameras professional photographers used just a decade ago. And camera apps on the same cell phones can turn anyone into a photograph editor expert. Programs such as Instagram and Sketchguru not only enhance the photos but can turn them into works of art.


Once you have the photos there is nothing like the instant gratification of pats on the back from hunting buddies and family. The aforementioned Instagram, and social sights such as Facebook and Twitter allow this with ease.
Deer Dummy
After all the poses are completed you still have to do something with the animal. For new hunters or those that have always gone straight to a processor that will clean the game for you there is Deer Dummy. This application gives the user a step by step instruction on field dressing your prized deer and getting it ready for processing. Deer Dummy also has a companion DVD and chart to assist in process.
Lastly, after the meat is in the freezer, you still have one more step; Enjoying true organic food. My wife has a habit of pulling up recipes on sights such as Pinterest and saving them for future use. The right recipe can make anything a gourmet meal. Heck, even the kids may try it as long as they don’t know what it is.

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