Friday, September 27, 2013

Early Success

Early success in hunting has a few different meanings. One way early success can be explained is a successful early part of the season in which the game pursued was taken in the beginning stages of the hunt. For instance, one who tags out on opening day has had early success.
Another way early success can be achieved is if the hunter is successful at an early age. A hunt in which a youth is able to take a nice buck while hunting with his dad fits this scenario.
Then there is one more. This is when both meanings overlap.
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On opening day of deer archery season Brayden Morris went out on a hunt with his dad Kevin. The weather was nice with cooler temperatures and a new moon. Kevin had set up a box blind stand overlooking a pine thicket and knew deer frequented the area. Sure enough, around 7:00am deer begin entering the opening in the thicket. It did not take long for nearly one dozen deer to fill the area. Brayden, only seven years old, was not new to hunting. He had hunted deer since he was four. His experience allowed him to remain patient and wait for the big buck that was sure to follow the others out.
And there he was. The largest deer Brayden would have an opportunity for. It did not wait. No, it headed straight in. The other deer cleared the way knowing this buck was in charge. Brayden had other plans though. Brayden set the sights of the Striker 380 crossbow upon the buck’s shoulder. He gently moved his fore finger to the trigger and lightly squeezed. Brayden hit his mark. There lay the biggest buck of Brayden’s early hunting career. A beautiful eight pointer measuring near 118 inches and weighing 150 pounds. Early success.
One week later, Brayden and his dad set up in the same stand once again. And just like before, the thicket filled with whitetail shortly after sun up.
And there he was. A larger buck than before. Again, a dominate buck made his way through the thicket to the ambush area. Unlike the one before, Brayden just could not get a clear shot. Three times over the next 20 minutes Brayden would set up for the shot only to have the wrong angle or another deer in the way. But Brayden’s experience, patience, and nerves of steel allowed him to wait for the right time.
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The right time would come. Brayden once again set the sights of his crossbow upon the shoulder of the buck. Breathe. Exhale. Squeeze. Kevin and Brayden tracked the blood trail and came upon the downed creature. This one’s antlers were still covered in velvet. A mainframe nine with a kicker that rough measured 124 inches and weighed the same as the first, Brayden had just filled both of his antlered buck tags in the first week of the season. Each deer set Brayden’s personal best.
Brayden had achieved the full meaning of early success.


  1. awesome bucks congrats to him i only ever wish to see them like that here ;)

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