Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gear Review: Buck Wear Zombies

No, I'm not Trick-or-Treating
All Hallow’s Eve is approaching in a few weeks.  While I do not particularly ‘celebrate’ it, it does make for a fun holiday especially for the kids.  The candy, the costumes, the candy, the masses of people visiting door to door, the candy…you get the picture…is the entire thrill of it.
In between all the candy, I did mention the costumes.  As hunters, we wear costumes a good part of the fall and winter.  We dress up as trees, brush, and one company even makes large foam heads that resemble the head of an antelope so you can sneak in close for the shot.  Coupled with a brown shirt with a white front you’ll look just like an ‘ole speed goat walking upright.
Another fun aspect of Halloween is the monster and ghost movies that begin to fill the airwaves on the cable and satellite channels and movie theaters.  Over the last few years, even with the success of the Twilight movies, zombies have reigned supreme.  There is something about a zombie movie that scares us in a happy way.  Unlike some of the paranormal movies that have come out recently, you do not feel like you have lost 3 years of your life due to the stress of the surprise, yet there is something that tells us deep within our DNA that it could possible happen; the zombie apocalypse that is.
The Center for Disease Control has issues ‘real’ warnings and tips on what to do in case of a zombie takeover.  The Missouri Department of Conservation advised the citizens to make sure they wear a safety harness when they escape to the elevation of tree limbs from zombies.  After all, if you fall from twenty feet and break an ankle, it makes it much harder to run from the limping creatures of rotten flesh.
So as a hunter, instead of costuming up on Halloween, I prefer to leave my costumes in a scent free bag so I can sneak up on wildlife rather than stomp up on a porch and ringing a door bell.  Buck Wear has now come up with a cool solution.
Buck Wear apparel recently released a line of t-shirts titled Buck Wear Zombies.  Three awesome designs grab everyone’s attention when you don the Zombies.  Buck Wear sent me some of each in different sizes to try out.  I have worn each design and each time I received comment after comment from hunters and non-hunters alike on how much they liked the shirts.  Made of 100% cotton, they are extremely comfortable.  Now, not being an expert on clothing, I am not going to go into the thread counts, washability, etc.  But I will talk about the designs.
First, the black Dept. of Zombie Deer Control t-shirt features a huge buck with wide antlers that would be awesome to see live, dead, or undead.  The tagline reads “This ain’t your Granddaddy’s deer management.”
Next is the moss colored (green) Zombie Deer Hunting shirt.  A buck in rut appearance is featured except instead of a muscular neck throbbing with testosterone the actual muscles are exposed through the decaying flesh.  A simulated site is set right between the angry lifeless eyes with “Aim for the Head, Save the Rack!” written to side.
Realizing not all outdoorsmen strictly hunt, the third design is my early favorite of the group.  The Spawn of the Dead features a very intimidating largemouth bass that looks ready to bite more than your favorite lure.  If I were to reel one of these in, I believe I would have to cut the line and run!
So, save your camo, ghillie suit, and hunter orange for the field, and wear a different  non-costume this year.  After all, a un-costume is the perfect apparel for the un-dead.
You can find your own Zombie shirts at for under $17.00.  Also, send me a picture of your favorite hero/trophy shot to where you have taken game or fish before they became un-dead along with the size shirt you wear, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for some Buck Wear swag.

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