Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fishing Memories Part 2

Well the excitement built throughout the week.  Friday night we went shopping for a Spider-Man fishing pole.  Early Saturday morning Cooper had me up and ready to rig his gear and get to the water.  I drove out to Silver Lake and spoke to an old friend, Buck Dixon, who granted me permission to take Cooper out to where I had spent so many days fishing when I was his age.

Once we hooked the first cricket to the line, it was mere seconds and Cooper was bringing in the first fish.  Here are some pictures:
You would think Cooper had fun with all the fish we caught.  You would be right!  Cooper's first fish didn't take long to get in and then they just kept right on coming!  He even allowed me to bring one in also.  I took the time to go over the different kinds of fish we were bringing in, as we had a great variety.  Cooper caught redbreast sunfish, bluegill, redear sunfish, and his favorite, longear sunfish.  I showed Cooper the scales, fins, mouth and gills.  He was particularly interested in the gills, thinking they looked like teeth.  He couldn't figure out why they had teeth on the side of their heads.

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May your line stay wet and tight!

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