Monday, August 19, 2013

Jetski Fishing Offshore of the Atlantic-in a Storm!

Went offshore on a jetski fishing trip hitting artificial reefs AR330, AR320, and AR315. The weather was forecasted with 80% chance of rain and I took off after a band of showers had passed through. AR330 is around 7 miles out and the only boat at the reef was a large dive boat. Weather began to go south quickly and I headed in towards AR320 which is located about 1.5 miles off shore. The choppy seas limited my speed to around 10-12 mph and the storm caught up with me. I was prepared for a storm and had safety equipment with me as well as a mapped out plan I left with my family in case of trouble.

Safety equipment included a Uniden VHF marine radio with GPS, WX, and one button distress signal, flare gun with 6 flares, installed bilge pump in hull of the jetski, Humminbird fish finder with GPS tracking, and my cell phone with offline mapping for GPS (GPS works even if cell coverage does not).


  1. Despite the weather, looks like an awesome adventure!

  2. It was great actually. I enjoy the man vs nature type, even if it was way out!

  3. Great experience and no skunk! Very cool.