Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Enjoy Everything

We get one shot at this life. In this column each week I share either personal stories of small things that make me happy, or stories of others accomplishments and experiences in the outdoors. Occasionally I may offer a bit of editorial opinion as well. They are all done in order to convey ideas and thoughts of what we can all capture in this one life we have.

I was covering an ACC basketball game back in December and happened get a shot of a player at the top of his jumper. Above him, blurred in the background but prominently displayed was an LED advertisement with the words ‘Enjoy Everything.’ It struck me a certain way and I decided to make it my motto and end goal for 2016.

If we make it our commitment to enjoy everything, can you imagine how much not only our life, but those lives around us will benefit? After a 19 year career that was making me miserable I pursued a passion. My wife, my kids, and I can certainly tell a difference in our life quality. We do not see it monetarily per se, but we see it in our actual living.

One of the running jokes lately in the angling community is a picture of either a sunset or sunrise. This particular photo means you obviously did not catch any fish and are trying to make the best out of getting skunked. It is funny. And it is most of the time true. However if we truly enjoyed that sunset or sunrise, then all is good. It can be enjoyable. It can add quality to your life and wellbeing.

My career path now has it where I travel much more, but only for a couple or few days at a time. I get to see things I have never seen before. I am able to both take in what I am experiencing as well as appreciate the past experiences and things I currently have. I enjoy everything.

I set my goals each year. I have goals for my business. I have goals for my writing. I have goals for my outdoors adventures. It helps keep me on a path towards accomplishments even if failures alter the course at times. But it allows me to enjoy everything.

This year I have many plans, and likely will not be able to do them all. Either way, I am going to enjoy everything. A five day paddle trip through the Everglades in February with some fellow pro-staffers in pursuit of snook, redfish, and speckled trout? Yes, I will enjoy that. A photographic journey into the heart of tundra swan and snow geese? Sure, I will enjoy that too.

I will enjoy trying to harvest my first turkey with a bow in the high mountains in April. I will enjoy a hunt for alligator in Georgia with a bow and arrow while on a kayak in September. I will enjoy another adventurous trip to the Texas hill country seeking a trophy whitetail come November.

Yes, all of these are goals that I plan for. But all lead to that key end goal for my 2016. I hope you can dedicate yourself to the same. Enjoy Everything.


  1. Nice post. I pretty much have the same outlook this year. This is the first time I've actually enjoyed winter.

  2. great artile. I have many plans in this year too, and I will enjoy everything!

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