Friday, July 12, 2013


My idea of camping may not be how most people think of it. Camping for me is but a part of the hunt. Because of this, I tend to pack light since I have the potential of having to bring an animal out at the end of the hunt. For instance, I did a five day bear hunt in the Mount Mitchell Bear Sanctuary a few years ago. I was excited when I found out the sanctuary was going to open for a few draw hunts and realized this may be a good opportunity since the area had not been hunted before.

The hunt itself was actually only three days, but I went in two days early to scout the area to locate the best opportunity for success. My camp consisted of a small tent big enough to fit two people, a cold weather sleeping bag, single burner stove, bread, peanut butter, hot dogs and a couple of cases of Mountain Dews. The temperatures would reach highs in the mid to high 30’s so I did not have to worry about a cooler. It worked out well.

My idea of camping...
Last year I found myself on a three day hog hunt in which I would be setting up camp as well. This was a lot different than the bear hunt as the highs would reach the lower 90’s during the day and the night would remain in the 70’s. There was also the potential for sudden thunderstorms. I had to plan slightly different, but still did not want to over pack. I used a one man dome tent, a sleeping bag to lie on top of instead of in, peanut butter, some deer and wild hog sausage, soft tortilla shells, and again my Mountain Dews. The person I went with brought some wild game sausage as well and a stove. We both had coolers packed with ice. We moved all my food items from my cooler to his because I was fortunate enough to arrow two feral hogs the first night of the hunt and filled my cooler with the hog quarters.

My wife's idea of roughing it. You don't see the generator,
two tents, and other 'necessities'.
The reason I mention all of this is my wife has another idea of camping. When I first mentioned going camping with her a couple of years ago she was quick to point out the only reason she slept in a tent as a child was because she was not old enough to get her own hotel room. A couple of years ago I convinced her to give it a try. She only agreed after I agreed that we could take the dogs with the family. We ended up having a great time and here we are again planning another family camping trip.

This one will be at Kerr Scott Reservoir. This week however instead of trying to do some online study on where to fish the reservoir and the likes, I have been forced to do the manliest of things; shop with my wife. We have looked at fancy gas stoves, inflatable mattresses, cast iron skillets, and even some contraption that looks like a trap for hot dogs. Our tent that we purchased for the family a couple of years ago is as large as half of our house. That was another concession. My tent I used for hunting would not do. Fortunately I do not have to bring the generator so my wife and daughter can dry their hair this year. Yes, the campground has electricity. I have never thought about having a hair dryer while camping, but then again, I would need hair for that.

At least I have found a way for her to enjoy the outdoors. Well, kind of.


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