Wednesday, June 27, 2012

America's State Parks Post - Bogs Valley Walkers Review

I recently started contributing to the America's State Parks Pocket Ranger blog (within the last few months) contributing stories ranging from Duke State Recreational Forest, to the 20 for $20 or less series.  Here is an excerpt from a review on Bogs Valley Walkers that ran on 6/26/2012.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the sole is the foundation. Protect the feet and the body will reward you for it. Everything involving the outdoors involves the feet. Hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, even swimming. During the spring and summer I often hit the shallow streams and creeks. Unlike duck season, I do not wear waders out into the water. Boots become a nuisance if not dangerous, as they fill up with water if the top is breached. That is why when the water has warmed up a bit I like to wear a low-cut shoe that can withstand the water. I have used those foam style shoes and the water shoes that slip on. There are several problems I ran into while wearing them. The foam shoes do not offer the slip resistance on slick bottoms that you need. The water shoes become floppy and do not stay on your foot as well once soaked. And the last thing I want to happen is lose that ‘foundation’ while in the water, otherwise I might as well have just gone swimming instead.

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