Friday, February 10, 2012

Outdoors Together

I publish an online magazine for bowhunters each month called BowAmerica.  For February’s issue, I had a couple of male bowhunters explain how they felt about their wives joining them in the outdoors.  Both stories, coming from two different people from two different states, Wisconsin and Colorado, were remarkably similar.

The outdoors not only has a way of linking generations within a family together, but it helps build the bond between husband and wife.  It has a way of breaking barriers, opening conversations, and adding trust.  While the stories were biased toward bowhunting, it is the same whether it means hiking and camping together, fly fishing, or even bird watching and star gazing.

It allows the two to share interest in a common outlet.  Where one may daydream about his next hunt, he now includes his spouse in the reel playing in his mind.  She pictures herself with her husband laughing with excitement and joy as the two splash each other in a cool, clear mountain stream while hiking toward the pinnacle to view the world below.

The couple plans their trips together, each adding segments that they believe would increase the others enthusiasm and overall enjoyment of the quest.  They sit at the table or beside each other on the couch discussing and plotting the coming weekend expedition.

While in the woods, water or field each learns about the other in much the same way a soldier learns about his comrades.  The eyes are opened to what the other’s hopes and intentions are, and realize those hopes and intentions are usually dedicated to fulfilling their mate’s goals more than their own.

Both stories told of how much more the man appreciated the woman after hunting together.  I have spoken with the women and their sentiments are the same.  The love of the outdoors can lead to love in the outdoors.  Share your passion with the one you are passionate about.  It could be life changing and relationship strengthening.  And remember, Cupid is a bowhunter.


  1. I could not agree more! We are fishers, not hunters but the same theory applies. The best thing I ever did for my marriage was to stop resenting the time my husband spent at the river and pick up a rod and reel and stand next to him catching my own fish. We have fantastic adventures together and I think I am now more fish obsessed than he is!

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