Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pass'n It On Outdoors-It's what we should do.

Life throws curveballs once in a while.  The best thing you can do is move up in the batter’s box, and anticipate the pitch.  For instance, I went to college for journalism at NC State.  I know, NC State is not the best college for journalism, heck, when I went to State, it was not even called journalism there.  It was called English-writing/editing.  Regardless, State took me early, while Carolina had me on a waiting list.  The point is, after close to twenty years after taking a different career path, I have been fortunate enough to do what I originally thought I would be doing anyway.  I was nervous when I started, but I wanted to share some stories, teach some lessons, and give my family something they could be proud of.
David Hinceman, Garrett  Barger, and Robert Collins also wanted to share something that they learned from an early age.  They wanted to do something they could pass on to future generations.  The three decided it would be neat to do a hunting television show.  It was a dream with a big risk.  They would need to purchase equipment, learn filming and editing, and make contacts in the industry.  They would need to market the show so they could pick up sponsors.  They also had to think about how to do a hunting show that would get people to watch.  The three knew exactly what they wanted.   Pass’n It On Outdoors explains it all.  They put together a prostaff.  After all, you have to have knowledgeable hunters.  They also added a Junior Posse, aging from 6 years to 15 years old.  This would be the key; the perfect angle for the show.  Based on the premise of how the hunting heritage is here in the South, they would not only film hunts, but film hunts with the adults mentoring the kids.  Growing up, we learned the outdoors from our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and neighbors.  This is what the show was going to be about.  They succeeded.  The curveball broke across the plate and they hit it out of the park.
It is nice to spot a show that teaches and entertains.  I can only hope something like this will give the incentive to the rest of us to get out with the kids or teach someone new to hunting how to enjoy the outdoors.
You can check your local listings for Pass’n It On Outdoors on Fox Sports South on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.  Most hunts are filmed here in North Carolina with most of the staff from Rowan or Stanley counties.

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