Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Do I Write This Blog/Column?

That was the question posed on the Outdoor Blogger Network.  I guess I need to start off a little farther back in order to give the complete answer.  Once my grandfather passed away back in 2005, I had a renewed interest in the outdoors.  My grandfather was a big game hunter back in the 70's and 80's, traveling to Africa, Canada, and Alaska many times.  He had over 90 big game animals mounted and on display in his trophy room.  I was the envy of the neighborhood in that regards, and the trophy room was always a neat place to take a new friend.

As I began hunting more and more, I felt like I should give something back.  I became a hunter education and bowhunter education instructor, volunteering over 100 hours each year in teaching the classes.  I also enjoyed mentoring new hunters, not just kids, but people of all ages.

In December of 2010, I read a post on a forum from a gentleman asking if anyone was willing to write a column about the outdoors for a new newspaper set to launch in January 2011.  I went to college with a major in journalism, but my career path, like many, swayed far away from what I studied.  I spoke to my wife about it, and decided to write a sample column and send to him.  It so happened that things worked out, and I not only was able to write the column for that newspaper, but I picked up another as well.

Drum roll...that's why I started writing the blog.  I was going to be doing a weekly column anyway, so I decided to also include it in a blog so more people could read it.

In preparation for the column/blog, I wanted to do more than just a review or a hunting story.  I wanted to explain why people hunt and fish, and how it can enrich their lives.  So far it has done well.  The second newspaper had me on a 6 week trial and through reader response, it is now permanent.  I've been asked to speak at a few get-togethers.  When I asked what do I need to talk about, the response was to talk about the same things I write about.  The blog also allows me to do a little more than with the newspapers, as I can add video and more pictures.

I enjoy writing, and though its been over 20 years since I had anything published prior to this column, it has been very rewarding.  My goal now is to get more readers on the blog...SO HIT THE SUBSCRIBE LINK UNDER THE HEADER!

I hope all enjoy.

Bill Howard is a Hunter Education and Bowhunter Education Instructor , a Wildlife Representative and BCRS Program Chairman for the North Carolina Bowhunters Association, and an avid outdoorsman.  Please forward any pictures or stories you would like shared to

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