Friday, October 28, 2011

Top Hunting Blogs for 2011

Each year, several websites/blogs will announce their top blog sites in various fields of interest.  I am proud to announce that both Bill Howard's Outdoors and Give Em The Shaft were recently selected as top hunting blogs for 2011.

While I know this is not the Emmy, Oscar, or Pulitzer award, it does still humble me to know that what I do is not completely lost in la-la land.  I appreciate all my readers both past, present, and future.  I hope that at some point I am able to strike a cord that inspires, teaches, reflects, or just provides a simple little grin.

Please share and/or comment on anything you see on these pages and I will continue to try to keep you informed and entertained.

Again, thanks!

Congratulations Bill,
Your Blog has been selected as one of the Top 60 Hunting Blogs for 2011!
The Team here at VeteransBenefitsGIBill has spent the year searching the
Internet for the best Hunting Blogs, analyzing them based on their post
content, layout and user feedback, and we are excited to award you with
our seal of approval as one of the best Hunting Blogs on the web!

The Top 60 Hunting Blogs

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Hunting is far more than a ‘hobby’, and far closer to a way of life. From scouting out the area to finding your prize after making the perfect shot, hunting is more than a cheap thrill. Since hunting skills are gained mostly by experience, you can read all of the books you want, but it will never prepare you quite like a day spent out pursuing game. But that’s not to say that isn’t worth reading about!

These days, you can find a wealth of hunting information online. The internet has become a treasure trove of valuable information that can help you improve your hunting skills and connect you with other hunting enthusiasts. From novice hunters who are documenting their journey into the sport, to expert hunters who are fully qualified to offer training and tips, a wide variety of people at different skill levels are now sharing their love for hunting with millions of others around the world.

Hunting Blogs are excellent sources of information when it comes to searching for hunting tips, getting information on this season’s best locations, and reading stories of other people’s hunting experiences. Need to find a new gun? Want to know the best place to hunt in Montana? You can find all of this information and more on the blogs found below, the best of the best hunting blogs currently online!

Here at Veterans Benefits GI Bill, we know that hunting enthusiasts are always searching for the latest news and information about the sport, so we’ve scoured the web to bring you the absolute best Hunting Blogs currently online. If you’re looking for any hunting-related information, you’d be hard pressed to need to search beyond the 60 Blogs we’ve compiled below.

We are thrilled to share the list of winners with you, and we hope you find them as entertaining, insightful and helpful as we did.

Congratulations to our winners!

The Top 60 Hunting Blogs for 2011

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Bill Howard writes a weekly outdoors column for the Wilson Times and Yancey County News and the bowhunting blog site He is a Hunter Education and International Bowhunter Education instructor, lifetime member of the North Carolina Bowhunters Association, Bowhunter Certification Referral Service Chairman, member and official measurer of Pope and Young, and a regular contributor to North Carolina Bowhunter Magazine.


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